What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy was founded by Dr Samuel Hahnemann, a german practitioner who disagreed with the barbaric medicinal practices of his time.

It is based on the phrase “Similia simbilus curentur” which translates to “Likes cures likes”

Homeopathy’s basis is the fact that any substance which is able to invoke a particular set of symptoms in a patient will be able to cure those symptoms in an unhealthy person. For example: When cutting an onion one experiences teary eyes and a runny nose. So according to this principle, an onion, when prepared homeopathically, could stimulate cure in a person suffering from hayfever or a nasty cold.

How does Homeopathy work?

Homeopathic medicine is based on a second law, called the law of potentisation. This law explains that substances which are serially diluted and then energised in a process of vigourous shaking (called succussion) are imparted with potent medicinal properties.

Trying to perceive that there are medicinal properties in something which has been ultra-diluted to the point of 1060 is difficult for many. However, Homeopathic remedies are now beginning to be understood as a form of nanomedicine.

Nanomedicine is the incorporation of nanoparticles which are used to rectify diseased cells without influencing healthy cells in the body. Since the ultra-high dilutions found in homeopathic medicine are able to elicit biological and physiological changes within the cells they can be classified as nanomedicine.

The medicine which your homeopath prescribes is made up of remedies which have undergone potentisation and are ultra-diluted. These remedies contain nanoparticles which stimulate the cells in your body to be restored to health.


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