As with homeopathy, I strived to find an individualised multivitamin based EXACTLY on YOUR body’s needs and target the well-being


"Something just doesn’t feel right… I’m always bloated… I have a constant lack of energy…"

These are all symptoms of a


Sweating is our body’s mechanism of maintaining optimal temperature. When our internal temperature gets too hot, it sends


Mental Health is so important no matter your age or sex. It affects young children who are being bullied, Mothers who have suffered trauma, grandfathers who have financial burdens, there is no


Your mental health plays a big role in the way you handle the


Our immune systems are established when we are born. It consists of organs, proteins, cells and tissue whose sole purpose


This is one of the most common conditions affecting females and is characterised by the following features.

  • Irregular or absent menses
  • High levels of


Diabetes Mellitus is a disease which occurs when the body cannot regulate blood glucose, also known as sugar, within the bloodstream.



What is acne?

Acne is the formation of comedomes (blackheads), pustules (white heads) nodules and/or cysts caused by the obstruction of the hair follicles and their


Wake up, get dressed, (take the kids to school), work, home, cook, (do homework), eat, do work which was brought home, slump on the couch. The average routine of a working individual (parent).


February is Healthy Lifestyle Awareness Month and we have compiled some tips to make 2018 your year!



Let’s start with an introduction to me and what I bring to the table. My name is Dr Faseeha Esmailjee and I have spent the last seven years completing my Master’s degree in Homeopathy.

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